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8. About Us

The Barking Dog Entertainment

We are a professional entertainment/interactive/game development company based in Kaohsiung Taiwan called The Barking Dog Entertainment. We have developed numerous VR and AR applications in entertainment, industrial, education and combined with the AI (Computer Vision/ Data analysis) and blockchain to provide extraordinary solutions

Game development and showcases

2019~2020 - VR game: The Magic Night Party I & II / 魔法夜派對 I & II
The popular magic game with a Halloween atmosphere. This VR game supports multiplayer (2~4 players) to play at the same time. This VR game was supported by the Kaohsiung City Government and cooperated with HTC Viveland. Now is sold at Taiwan (Taipei/Kaohsiung) , HK/Macao, and The United Arab...etc.
The Magic Night PartyWatch Trailer
2018 -VR game: The Chinese Zombie Villa / 殭屍山莊
The first classic VR game we had made. Player would be taught how to use the VR controller to survive from the immersive game. It's a little bit hard, but when you pass it, you would enjoy the amazing experience. This game nominated by the "Best VR game Award" and "Best Creativity Award" from the VRCore, 2018.
The Chinese Zombie VillaWatch Trailer
【Thai-Taiwan Exhibition 2018Watch how player's reaction
2021 The interactive art: "Dancing with Whales" 「與鯨共舞」體感互動裝置
"Dancing with Whales" combined AI technology, motion sensing technology and projection devices to create a large-scale interactive projection wall. Allowing visitors to take pictures through voice control, leaving unique memories.
Dacing with WhalesWatch Trailer / News
Dacing with Whales interactive art
Dacing with Whales interactive exhibition