3. Niimfer NFT

A wide range of Niimfers that you can choose from

What is a Niimfer NFT?

A Niimfer NFT is an adorable character in Niimfer World, you need at least 5 little cute Niimfers to start your journey and experience this wonderful adventure; you can also trade your NFT in the future phase.

What are the benefits of owning a Niimfer NFT?

  • Be able to start Staking and Idle Mode in 2022, Q1. (You need at least 3 Niimfers to start Staking & Idle Mode)
  • Be able to start PVE and PVP Mode in 2022, Q2 & 3. (You need at least 5 Niimfers to begin PVE and PVP Mode).
  • Be able to use the Breeding system to breed more Niimfers (NFTs).

What is the cost of a Niimfer NFT?

Exclusive pre-sale price:
  • 1st Wave Whitelister at 0.0629BNB per Niimfer. (ENDED!)
  • 2nd and 3rd Wave Whitelister at 0.09BNB per Niimfer(ENDED!)
  • Public sales will be announced in the later phase..

How to buy Niimfer NFT?

Currently, Niimfer NFTs sale wase ended, but You can still go to https://niimferworld.com/ and check out the adorable Niimfers that are still available!
More events/airdrops will be announced shortly, please follow our Telegram / Discord to get the latest event announcements.
Pre-Sale Whtie List Contest (ENDED!)
  • 1st Wave Whitelist | 26 NOV 04:00(UTC) - 29 NOV 04:00(UTC) | 250 Winners
  • 2nd Wave Whitelist | 3 DEC 10:00(UTC) - 16 DEC 10:00(UTC) | 900 Winners
  • 3rd Wave Whitelist | 13 DEC 10:00(UTC) - 16 DEC 10:00(UTC) | 130 Winners
NFT Airdrop Event (ENDED!)
  • 9 DEC 10:00(UTC) - 16 DEC 10:00(UTC) | 200 Winners

How many Niimfers can I buy?

  • Maximum 20 Niimfers per wallet during the pre-sale.

Niimfer NFT & Marketplace Smart Contract Address

Niimfer NFT: 0x0b1279c2fC952112171b7026D1F4f389a7f647a1
Marketplace: 0x21dD3dc41eDC88568b98b9Bf70d0b033CC919439
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