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4. Token System

Game Governor Token

NIMF Token

In-Game Token

  • Crystal Magic(CM)
  • Crystal Powder(CP)

1. Niimfer World Token Features

NIMF Token
The NIMF Token is the primary governance token for this project. Owning the token means the owner has the right to receive (in the ratio of the NIMF Token in circulation) an annual revenue share. In the early stage, 20%~40% of the total revenue will be dynamically allocated for owner revenue distribution, while the rest will be reserved for the daily operating expenses of the project. (The upper limit on the percentage of project spending can also be found in the Tokenomic.)
The current year's revenue includes CM token revenue, platform transaction fee revenue, game items, skill cards, equipment forge fees, etc., but excludes the sales of Niimfer NFT and NIMF Token. ( (The Niimfer NFT/NIMF token is a governance token input, not revenue.)
Therefore, NIMF tokens are different from ordinary game tokens and can also be called governance tokens, which follow the shareholding structure of the company's shareholders for project revenue distribution.
a) NIMF Governance Token Value Explanation - By bundling the NIMF tokens held with the equity concept and separating them from the in-game tokens (CM), the value of the governance tokens will be more in line with the mechanism of a traditional financial company's IPO stock purchase. The value of NIMF tokens will be more relevant to the Company's future game and platform development and the expansion of its metaverse ecosystem and will have certain fundamentals for players to understand and be willing to hold for the long term.
b) NIMF Governance Token Trading Platform - Initially, to provide NIMF governance tokens with more controllable and reasonable trading price fluctuations, we are also prepared to conduct NIMF token trading on Niimfer World's official platform. Through the stabilization function of daily limit and down limit, NIMF governance tokens holders do not have to worry about the investment becoming empty overnight, and the market sentiment can be eased, so that we can think rationally about the investment direction.
c) We are carefully considering the possibility and necessity of future IDO/IEO - We will also gradually consider the feasibility and necessity of IDO/IEO for NIMF Tokens. This will enable players to see more clearly the nature of the project and company operations, and avoid the interference of short-term market manipulation, end up in a result of losing players’ enjoyment to the game and fear of loss, making it difficult to continue in building the Niimfer World ecosystem.
Crystal Magic(CM)
CM tokens are the main tokens in the game. It provides players with in-game rewards for in-game purchases of items, equipment, skill cards, breeding, etc. CM tokens will be issued with a cap of 1 billion tokens, but the circulation cap will be set in stages according to the number of PVP/PVE players in each stage, to stabilize the economic system in each phase. Players can trade the CM tokens with other players through the Niimfer World trading platform to gain profits.
a) CM tokens can be interpreted as in-game circulating tokens - CM tokens are designed like the concept of traditional game points, but players do not need to go through an external trading platform, they can directly bid and trade freely on the Niimfer World trading platform, the official website will provide CM tokens trading function(a handling fee of 4.25% will be charged.) In addition to protecting both buyers and sellers, both sides of the transaction can also participate in the official reward activities from time to time to get valuable items as well as the event grand prizes and other sweepstakes qualifications!
b) CM tokens extend OMO(online merge offline) applications in the future -CM tokens will support the subsequent co-development and collaboration of games, cooperative ecosystems and token tandem applications of OMO (Online merge Offline) branded physical merchants. It can also support a cross-industry alliance ecosystem and help brands to use AR/VR and AI technologies as the first step to expanding the metaverse ecosystem.
Crystal Powder(CP)
Players can take Niimfer on various missions and adventures (ie. Idle Mode and more...) to earn Crystal Powder(CP) and use them to exchange items in the later phase in the game.
The NIMF Token is expected to be officially launched in March 2022, so stay tuned for more updates!
Niimfer World reserves the right of final revision and interpretation of the above content as well as the Niimfer World Whitepaper.