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1-1. About Niimfer World

The Magical Kingdom of Niimfer World

It’s said that there is a wise and stunning goddess, and she creates the incredible crystal, spreading it all over the world. The crystal is so powerful that it creates the deep ocean, magnificent volcanoes, dense forest, wide ground, and of course, the cute Niimfers.
Niimfers live happily on the planet. However, there is a rumor that once you rule the monsters all over the world then you could find the trail of the goddess. After they know the news, every Niimfer gets excited and starts their adventure. They really want to know where the goddess is, because she is the holy being and the only belief.
Legend has it that the goddess Nymph created...

What are Niimfers?

Niimfers are elvish creatures created from the leaves shaken off the corolla of the beautiful goddess Nymph. They are quite friendly, and as long as you have the same values as them, you will be friends easily! In Niimfer World, there are different personalities and appearances between Niimfers. According to their living preferences, there are four attributes which include Water, Fire, Wood, and Earth. Moreover, each part of their body has different skills and functions. Therefore, each Niimfer is unique.
Adorable Niimfers

World Elements

Nature is like a huge factory, each element has its own skills, without each one of the elements will bring unbalance to the world and create chaos…In Niimfer World, each Niimfer has its own element which can counteract each other, so it is important to choose your preferred Niimfer to begin your journey.
Four elements in Niimfer World Fire, Water, Earth, and Wood.. maybe more...
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