1. Niimfer World

An EASY, FUN, and Play2Earn GameFi sensation!

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The Niimfer World

Niimfer World is designed as a novel mini-Dota game inspired by the famous PvP battle game, League of Legends, and combined with the hottest “Turn-based” blockchain game-“Axie Infinity”, that we come out with new gameplay with play to fun and play to earn concepts!

We do not want to be driven by the speculative nature of the post Gamefi style but redefine the nature of the game and earnings through the game. Focus on the fun and durability of the game design, and provide players who love to collect characters, items, and skill cards a relaxed and comfortable trading platform, so that the game can be enjoyable. We do not want to let the fluctuating token prices affect, we always believe that the enjoyment from the players is the source of the game's long-term revenue guarantee!

We sincerely recommend you, to join the metaverse masterpiece – Niimfer World!

Niimfer World will not only allow you to enjoy various adventures with the lovely Niimfers, but will also earn Crystal Magic tokens to obtain game treasures and items, You can experience our magnificent storyboard in a relaxed way.

"Play2Earn” is a mechanism that allows players to earn tokens while playing, and at the same time raise NFTs to increase the value as virtual assets, which can be successfully converted into real trading value through blockchain technology.

Come and join us and experience this EASY, FUN, and Play2Earn GameFi sensation!

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